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              About Us

              Xuzhou Liming Food Co., Ltd.--the core enterprise of Jiangsu E-SUNRISE HOLDINGS Group, was founded in 2002. The group was established in 2010. It is engaged in the acquisition and processing of agricultural and sideline products, cold storage and preservation, technological innovation, product research and development, import and export trade, e-commerce, Modern large-scale enterprise groups that integrate information logistics and overseas investment. The Group has jurisdiction over Xuzhou Liming Food Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Foodmeritt Biotech Inc.,Jiangsu E-SUNRISE Holdings Group., Jiangsu Fuduohui E-Business Co. Ltd., Xuzhou Guangming Biotech Co.,ltd., Shanghai Hao Suandao Co.,ltd., etc. Home company. The company's existing constant temperature warehouse has an annual refrigeration capacity of more than 50,000 tons, ranking first in the same industry scale in the country. It is mainly engaged in fresh garlic, black garlic, garlic powder, garlic flakes, pickled garlic and other products. The products are exported to Europe, Southeast Asia. More than 30 countries and regions such as North America and South America. The annual export volume of garlic products of the enterprise exceeds 150,000 tons. In 2017, the Group's export earned about 200 million US dollars. It has ranked first in the export of similar agricultural products in Jiangsu Province for many years.

              In recent years, the company has won the national key leading enterprises of agricultural industrialization, China's quality credit enterprise, national vegetable research and development sub-center, national enterprise technology center, national export food demonstration enterprise, Jiangsu e-commerce demonstration enterprise, Jiangsu key logistics. Enterprises, Jiangsu Chuangxin Lixin Demonstration Unit, Jiangsu Top 20 Agricultural Products Processing Enterprises, Jiangsu Province Trademark Strategy Implementation Demonstration Enterprise (Jinfan Award), Jiangsu Province Two-industry Integration Innovation Pilot Enterprise, China Food, Animal, and Animal Import and Export Chamber of Commerce The honorary title of the club chairman unit.

              The company pays attention to food quality and safety, standardization construction and brand management. It has 89,300 mu of high-quality export garlic planting base with provincial commodity inspection and filing. It has passed “HACCP”, “GAP”, “FSSC”, “BRC” and “ISO9001” certification for many years. , intellectual property management system certification and green food certification. “ZLM” garlic trademark was recognized as “China Famous Brand” by China National Trademark Administration, “Zhang Liming” brand garlic was recognized as “China Famous Brand Agricultural Products”, and “Good Garlic” brand black garlic trademark was rated as “Jiangsu Famous Brand” Among them, the "ZLM" and "Zhang Liming" trademarks have been internationally registered overseas.

              The company actively integrated into the national "The Belt and The Road" strategy and accelerated the pace of "Going out". In 2011, a wholly owned subsidiary was set up in Indonesia, the country with the largest share of garlic imports. In 2016, a subsidiary was established in Thailand. In 2017, the branch was established in Vietnam and Pakistan. Enterprises' comprehensive ability of earning foreign exchange through export has been improved rapidly. Development of International Market, accelerated the goal of enterprise products going out, not only strengthened the garlic industry in Pizhou, but also promoted local farmers to increase their income and become rich.

              Looking forward to the future, we will take innovation and development as the driving force, focus on export trade, take the benefit farmers as our responsibility, constantly increase investment in science and technology research and development, extend the garlic product industry chain, focus on cultivating brands, creating new formats and broadening new channels. Constantly explore and innovate, and strive to make new and greater contributions to the development of the garlic industry! 



              Certificate of Honor

              The company pays attention to food safety, quality management and brand building, has 66,800 mu of high-quality garlic export planting base, has passed the "HACCP", "GLOBALGAP", "FSSC", "BRC" and other quality safety system certification, ISO9001 quality management system certification and green food certification for many years."ZLM" trademark is recognized as "China's well-known trademark", "E-sunrise" trademark is recognized as "China's famous agricultural products" many "jiangsu province famous trademarks", "ZLM" and "zhang liming" brand has achieved international registration.

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